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Could not have been more impressed with Rabbi Levy. He kindly worked around our schedule and came to our home at a convenient time. He explained the entire procedure and thoroughly answered all of questions. The procedure itself was less than a minute. I was impressed by how quickly and accurately his hands moved. My son, afterward, stopped crying almost immediately, which left me in awe. Highly recommended.

Keith R 

Vancouver Wa


We were so blessed to have our circumcision done by Rabbi Levy. We live in Washington in the Seattle Area and could not find one Mohel who was willing to perform a circumcision without a vitamin K shot. We weren't comfortable injecting our child with such a high concentration of vitamin K that are given in the shot, which I found kind of strange. We searched everywhere within Washington and could not find anyone, and had almost given up hope. I stumbled upon Rabbi Levy's Colorado website stating he was capable of performing a circumcision without the shot. I called him right away hoping he was going to be in the Oregon area soon (as stated in his website he performs the procedure in Oregon) we were in Luck as he was in the Oregon area and willing to travel to us in Washington. Talking to Rabbi Levy over the phone my Partner and I knew he was the guy for the job.  

Rabbi Levy came to perform the procedure in our home, which to me was very special as it was a comforting setting for our son. Rabbi Levy was very through about letting us know how the procedure would take place as well as after care for our son. He made sure everything felt in the room felt positive and that everything was calm and said a really beautiful prayer before getting started. He was extremely professional, trustworthy and came with Steril equipment.  the procedure was done quickly within 2 minutes and we were able to assist him in aiding our son. Our son was not at all traumatized and Rabbi Levy made sure to stay a while after to make sure everything was calm and everyone was ok.  I was able to nurse my son with no problem afterwards. 

It was not done in a traumatizing Hospital setting where my friends told me stories of how their sons are wheeled to away from them and strapped down to a table, instead of being held by parents. If we had another son we'd definitely have Rabbi Levy assist us again. The care he has for the family and their sons, the professionalism of his work, the fact he was willing to help us and travel to us, we definitely made the right decision enlisting in his care


Kelz K

Seattle Wa

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