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Jewish Circumcision Mohel Professional Qualifications 

I have been a Certified Mohel since 2007 and have performed more than eighteen hundred  (1800) circumcisions around the world - including on four of my own sons.


I travel extensively across the Pacific Midwest performing Jewish circumcisions as a mohel for families from Seattle Wa, to Grand Junction Co, from Anchorage Al, to El Paso, New Mexico. I am also available to travel to additional locations in the United States should a family request my services.


I trained in the art of Jewish circumcision mohel under Rabbi Yehuda Gihat - one of the most senior and experienced Mohels (Circumcision experts) in Jerusalem.


I employ exclusively traditional methods and use a shield (also called a guard). My chosen method is considered to be the fastest, as well as the most gentle on the child.  I adhere to the highest possible standards of hygiene, work within a controlled and clean environment and always sterilize my tools with an autoclave - a trusted and reliable method of ensuring sterility.




Jerusalem Israel





Givat Shaul Israel





Jerusalem Israel




Bayit Vegan Israel





Denver CO




Athol ID


June 2007



May 2008



Aug 2009




Summer 2008 - Summer 2009



2012 Summer




After intense study and tests, received Rabbinic Ordination from Rabbi Zalman Nechemiah Goldberg, head of the Rabbinic Court Jerusalem


Enrolled as personal student of Senior Mohel Rabbi Yehuda Gihat



Completed the in depth study of the Laws of Jewish Circumcision with the Shulchan Aruch



Madrichim for Medical students visiting Israel on the NEIJS Medical Ethics training.



Taught a 10 part series “Medical Ethics and Jewish Law



Performed my 1000th circumcision

I believe in the benefits of a rabbi performing circumcision in the comfort, warmth, and quiet of the baby’s own home, surrounded by his loved ones and familiar objects. I take the time to get to know you and your baby prior to the procedure so I can offer you a warm, meaningful, and reassuring service.  


Skills & Qualifications at a Glance



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