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Circumcision in Oregon

For Jewish or Families of all Faiths

In the Jewish faith, the circumcision of a newborn baby boy is a very exciting time because it represents the sealing of his connection with God. Circumcision has been in practice for generations, and many Jewish families prefer to have it done by a Mohel in their home rather than by a doctor in a hospital. If you need a Mohel in Portland, Oregon, or anywhere else in the state, who understands the religious significance of circumcision, Rabbi Levy would be honored to be a part of this time in your family’s life.

Circumcision in Oregon

The Bris Ceremony

To honor their newborn son’s partnership with God, Jewish families gather for what is known as a Bris Ceremony, during which the circumcision is performed. Jewish families have been faithful to this practice for thousands of years, and if your family is looking for a Mohel in Portland, Oregon, Rabbi Levy should be your first choice.

Benefits of a Home Circumcision in Oregon

While many families opt for a home circumcision in Oregon because of the religious significance it has in the Jewish faith, there are other benefits that families who follow other religions or are non-religious can enjoy. Getting your son circumcised at the hospital is a very uncomfortable procedure for him, as most hospitals will have him strapped to a board in an operating theater. The procedure itself also lasts almost half an hour and is very invasive, requiring lots of stretching and pulling of the skin. There is very little pre-care or after-care, and the procedure requires an uncomfortable ring to be worn on the penis for up to 5 days after. When you opt for a home circumcision in Oregon, the procedure will be much more comfortable for your son, minimally invasive, and quicker. Rabbi Levy’s procedure also doesn’t require the vitamin K shot like hospitals do. Rabbi Levy also makes himself available before and after he performs the procedure in order to answer questions and offer support and advice.

If a home circumcision in Oregon is right for your family, fill out a contact form to learn more today.

Mohel in Portland Oregon
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