Rabbi Levy's Bris vs Hospital Circumcision

Hospital Procedure

Rabbi Levy In Home Procedure

Vitamin K injection

Placement of baby


Duration of procedure


Level of invasion 

Requirement to wear a ring after













Physical Location




Meaning / Spirituality







Level of distress

The Vitamin K shot is a standard requirement of all hospital circumcisions.



Strapped to a board in an operating theatre.

The standard is around 25 minutes but it can often take a lot longer.



There is much pulling and stretching of the remaining skin in the hospital method.



Babies are required to wear an uncomfortable ring on the penis for approx 5 days following a hospital procedure.


Typically there is no pre-care in a hospital. Very little about the procedure is explained to the parents and they don't get to meet the doctor before the event, if ever.




Aside from removing the ring after 5 days there is very little care or advice after the procedure.





The family does not meet the doctor or surgeon before the event.







Takes place in the hospital following which the baby must be transported home - usually by being strapped into an uncomfortable car seat.















Many families come to me because of bad experiences circumcising their other sons in a hospital or because they have heard “horror stories” from friends who have done so.

Not required as I circumcise around day 8 post-birth when the baby’s coagulation mechanism is fully-functional.


Nestled on a pillow, cradled in the loving arms of a familiar relative.


It's all over in under a minute! That’s it!




Minimally invasive. My method removes the smallest amount of skin possible. No pulling or stretching is needed.


No uncomfortable ring is necessary. The wound heals naturally and rapidly.




I meet with or speak to every family in advance of the procedure. I spend a time getting to know them and their expectations for the circumcision event, explaining the procedure in depth and allaying any fears and concerns they may have.


I make myself available to the family both before and after the procedure by phone and/or email. I answer questions, offer my support and advice. I usually stay in touch afterwards and consider many of the families I have  worked with, as friends!

I meet or speak to every family I work with prior to circumcision day. Many families I work with are reassured by the fact that they get to meet me beforehand and that I put a great deal of time and energy into explaining my method, answering questions and allaying any fears.

I circumcise babies in the warmth and comfort of familiar surroundings. After the procedure, they can go to their room and nurse without having to be strapped up into an uncomfortable car-seat or taken outside in the cold or heat.


I meet the families in advance to understand their expectation for the day. I try to imbue the ceremony with meaning and significance according to the families beliefs and expectations. I offer families the chance to say a prayer for the well-being of the baby and his family which many find meaningful and inspiring.  Some families appreciate my Jewish background and the devotion I bring to this work, which I consider a calling.

My clients are reassured and calm before the event and happy once it's over. They know me and trust me and they understand what's going to happen. My scores of happy clients speak for themselves!