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Ensuring a positive Circumcision

experience for people of all Faiths

Plan for your Home Circumcision with a Jewish Circumcision Doctor

Midwives & Doulas Home Circumcision

I want to introduce you to my gentle, home-based circumcision service - a faster, more caring alternative that many families will feel at peace with

Planning a Jewish


The Bris is that special ceremony where your precious son’s eternal connection to the Jewish people is sealed while he fulfills the Covenant G-d made with Abraham

No Vitamin K Shot

The Vitamin K shot is not required as I circumcise around day 8 post-birth when the baby’s coagulation mechanism is fully-functional.

The baby is nestled on a pillow, cradled in the loving arms of a familiar relative, unlike in a hospital Strapped to a board in an operating theatre.


In hospital, the family does not meet the doctor or surgeon before the event. I meet or speak to every family I work with prior to circumcision day. 


In hospital, the standard procedure is around 25 minutes but it can often take a lot longer. With a Mohel, It's all over in under a minute! That’s it!

More Meaningful and Personalized Experience

When your son is circumcised in hospital, you usually don't know in advance who will carry out the procedure. In the hospital, a baby is strapped down naked to a board in preparation for the procedure. He will receive multiple shots causing him unnecessary discomfort. The circumcision is then carried out by an anonymous intern or doctor and usually the child must wear an uncomfortable ring around the penis for several days afterwards.


The home-based Mohel experience couldn't be more different!

Speed and Comfort

Unlike in a hospital setting, where the procedure can take 25 minutes or more, the Mohel experience is over in less than 2 minutes! During the procedure, the baby is placed on a comfortable pillow and has his loving parents and other family members close at hand. He is neither strapped down nor moved to a cold, sterile and unfamiliar environment. He remains in the familiar comfort of home throughout.

Why Choose a Mohel

Hi and welcome!


I’m Rabbi Gadi Levy

During the eleven years (to date) that I’ve served as a Mohel, I’ve been blessed to have performed more than one thousand circumcisions for both Christian and Jewish families.


This large number in no way diminishes the awe I feel at each one.


Every family is unique and every baby is a gift from God.

I’m also a traditionally-trained Rabbi and the spiritual leader of a Jewish community in Portland, Oregon.


What my clients say

“We had Rabbi Levy perform our son’s circumcision and we couldn’t be happier with the experience and the results.  He explained the procedure to us in great detail, and was very meticulous during the entire process. When it was completed, he stayed a while and made sure our son was comfortable and everything looked good.  We’ll definitely call him again if we have another boy.”

"Having two sons, and watching their circumcisions in the hospital, I thought I knew what to expect when I attended a circumcision performed by Rabbi Gadi Levy.  I was very surprised at the degree of professionalism and precision exhibited as he performed the short procedure. His care and concern for the child were comforting to the parents and made for a memorable time while minimizing the strain on the child.  He was pleasant to work with and is a true professional."

"Could not have been more impressed with Rabbi Levy. He kindly worked around our schedule and came to our home at a convenient time. He explained the entire procedure and thoroughly answered all of questions. The procedure itself was less than a minute. I was impressed by how quickly and accurately his hands moved. My son, afterward, stopped crying almost immediately, which left me in awe. Highly recommended"

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