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The hospital isn't the only way!

The hospital circumcision is the most well-known and commonly-practiced in the United States, however, gentler and more natural methods do exist - methods that many families will be happy and (in my experience) relieved, to hear about.  Throughout my 11 years of performing home-based circumcisions for families of various faiths and backgrounds, I have realized that many families are repelled by the idea of submitting their tiny newborn to the cold efficiency of the hospital operating theatre.  Such families actively seek out alternatives, which can be hard to find due to lack of publicity for alternative methods.


For that reason, I want to introduce you to my gentle, home-based circumcision service - a faster, more natural alternative that many families will feel at peace with.


A safe, fast and more caring alternative

Regardless of where you personally stand on the matter of circumcision, as a valued source of information and advice for families, it may interest you to hear about the unique, personalized and caring service I offer, so that you may share it as a hospital/clinic circumcision alternative for those families for whom this information will be welcomed.



























I would love to meet you...

I would love a chance to meet with you and explain to you in person, how my circumcision method is faster, more loving and less traumatic to the child and to the parents than the traditional hospital route.


In the meantime, here is an outline of the main advantages of my circumcision approach:


      1) In the comfort of home

I am able to circumcise babies in the warmth and comfort of familiar surroundings. After the procedure, they can go to their room or a quiet spot to nurse, without having to be strapped up in an uncomfortable car seat or taken out in the cold or heat.


     2) Familiarity and Friendship

When your son is circumcised in hospital, you usually don't know in advance who will carry out the procedure. Many families I work with are reassured by the fact that they get to meet me beforehand and that I put a great deal of time and energy into explaining my method, answering questions and allaying fears.  


     3) Clearly Explained Procedure

The parents I work with are fully informed about what’s going to happen on the day. I take time to explain the entire procedure in advance of the event. I go through every detail of the procedure and even display diagrams so parents are empowered with all the information they need to feel confident, reassured and at ease. Of course, as questions and fears come up, I am able to address these too.


     4) No unnecessary Vitamin K injection

As I circumcise after the eighth day, when a baby’s coagulation mechanism is fully-functional, I can offer the procedure without the added discomfort of administering a Vitamin K shot. This is considered an advantage by many families who want to reduce the baby’s discomfort as well as the unnecessary toxic dose of Vitamin K. In a classic hospital/clinic circumcision, vitamin K is always administered and hospitals refuse to carry out the procedure without it.


     5) In loving arms

Instead of being strapped down to a board in a cold and clinical operating room, the baby nestles on a pillow cradled  in the loving arms of a close relative. This is far less traumatic for the baby and his family than the typical hospital procedure.


    6) Over in less than a minute

The Traditional Jewish circumcision, practiced successfully for thousands of years,  is the fastest and least painful method for the baby. It is usually over in less than a minute. This is in stark contrast to hospital circumcision which typically takes 25-45 minutes or more!


     7) More comfortable for baby (less traumatic for parents)

A traditional Jewish circumcision is less invasive than a hospital circumcision in many ways. You can learn more about the traditional method here. Traditional circumcision takes as little skin as possible and involves far less cutting, pulling and stretching than the hospital procedure. Overall, it is faster, more comfortable for the baby and tends to heal rapidly.


     8) No ring

After the traditional circumcision, the wound is dressed with a light bandage and that’s it. No uncomfortable ring is necessary. The wound heals naturally and rapidly. I give the family plenty of guidance on how to keep the wound clean as well as how to keep the baby comfortable over the ensuing days. Usually a baby is back to himself after a day or two and completely recovered after a week. There is rarely any need to return to the hospital or for any further interventions.


     9) More meaningful

Those families with strong religious or spiritual  beliefs enjoy the spiritual element I am able to weave into the circumcisions service.  I strive to imbue the process with meaning and spirituality keeping the atmosphere calm, caring and loving throughout. I offer families the chance to say a prayer for the well-being of the baby and his family which any find meaningful and inspiring.  Some families appreciate my Jewish background and the devotion I bring to this work, which I consider a calling.

     10) After-care

I make myself available to the family both before and after for questions, support and advice. I usually stay in touch afterwards and consider the families as friends!


I would love to hear from you! Call or email me.



About Me

I’m Rabbi Gadi Levy. Some 15 years ago, I felt called to become a Mohel (Jewish Circumcision expert) and undertook extensive training in the tried-and-tested traditional techniques that have been successfully used in Jewish circumcisions for centuries. After I certified as a Mohel I continued researching the best techniques for infant circumcision. My goal has been to find the swiftest, gentlest and most kind way of performing a circumcision.


While I realize that there are many who disagree with, and are strongly against infant circumcision, there are those who want a circumcision procedure for their child and I seek to offer them a procedure that is quick, caring and as loving as possible.


Like me, you surely value the personal relationship you develop with the families you work with. I don't consider myself merely a surgeon performing a cold medical procedure, but as a friend to the newborn’s family.


I strive to make circumcision meaningful and joyful for the whole family.


Unlike a traditional hospital/clinic procedure, I make a point of spending time with parents prior to the circumcision. I want to give them a proper understanding of the procedure, as well as hear out any questions or fears that they may have. I want parents to feel confident in my abilities and also give them a chance to comfortable with me. 

I see each circumcision is an opportunity to celebrate, in a meaningful way, the birth of a precious young child.  I feel privileged to be able to do what I do. I have strong connections to each of the families I work with and with each and every precious baby I have been privileged to meet.

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