About Me


Hi and welcome! I’m Rabbi Gadi (sounds like Gotti) Levy.


Some 15 years ago, I felt called to become a Mohel (circumcision expert) and committed to the rigorous training required. This calling has become one of the greatest privileges of my life. To me, Circumcision, is much more than a surgical procedure - it is a personal covenant with God and a constant reminder to walk a spiritual path. I was determined to learn from “the best” and sought out Jerusalem-based, Rabbi Yehudah Gihat - a scion of one of the premier Mohel families in Israel to be my guide. He schooled me in the tried-and-tested traditional techniques that have been successfully used in circumcisions for centuries. I consider myself a true professional - 100% devoted to my craft and schooled in the best methods, by the best teachers.


I’m also a traditionally-trained Rabbi and the spiritual leader of a Jewish community in Portland, Oregon. For many years, I devoted myself to the study of the Torah (the Old Testament), and continue to do so daily.  I believe the wisdom found in this ancient book is no less impactful today than it was thousands of years ago. It has universal relevance to people of all faiths who


can can find comfort, inspiration and valuable life-lessons within its pages. I aim to bring a spiritual dimension into my interactions with all people, no matter their faith, and in particular, to the wonderful families who invite me into their homes to circumcise their sons.

Of all my qualifications and accolades, I am most proud of my role as loving husband to my wonderful wife, Eve, and devoted father to my six beautiful children.

“Rabbi Gadi… communicated well, both before-hand and on the day of the procedure; he addressed all of our concerns and was very professional. We are not Jewish; he was respectful of our wishes”


– Pastor Doug & Jessica

During the eleven years (to date) that I’ve served as a Mohel, I’ve been blessed to have performed more than one thousand circumcisions for both Christian and Jewish families. This large number in no way diminishes the awe I feel at each one. Every family is unique and every baby is a gift from God.


I don't consider myself merely a surgeon performing a procedure, but as a friend to the newborn’s family. I strive to make circumcision meaningful and joyful for the whole family. Unlike a traditional hospital surgeon, I make a point of meeting with (or talking on the phone to) each family at length for prior to the circumcision day. I seek to learn about you, your values, traditions and hopes for your child so I can perform a ceremony that is in line with your beliefs and preferences. I take as much time as you need to explain the procedure and answer your questions openly and transparently.


The Bible enjoins us to take care of the vulnerable and to assist the widow, the sick and the orphan. I don’t think there exists a more vulnerable person than a tiny newborn or his mother, who has recently submitted her body to the miracle of birth. I feel a deep sense of privilege and satisfaction in my role of bringing strength, care and empowerment to mother and child through the work I do.


When I enter your home to circumcise your beloved son, I enter with reverence and respect and with the hope that I will be able to enrich your lives and strengthen your relationships with each other and with God. Each time I perform a circumcision, I am reminded anew of the blessing of welcoming a new child into the embrace of his family and of God.

I love what I do. I love the families I work with and each and every precious baby I have been privileged to to meet. I can't wait to meet YOU and help welcome your child into the world in this incredibly inspiring and meaningful way.

“The Covenant of circumcision to some families holds a very special place in their hearts and their faith. Rabbi Levy understands that in a way that holds much depth."


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