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Rabbi Levi is an amazing Mohel! He performed the circumcision on our first son (after 5 girls!). My wife would have NO ONE else perform the circumcision on our second son. Rabbi Levy rearranged his schedule to come out to perform the Bris at 5:30 in the morning so he could make a scheduled flight and still leave enough time to do all of his post-Bris checks on our son.

He is so caring and gentle, and both circumcisions healed very quickly. If we have more boys, no one else is allowed to perform the circumcision.

-Matt H.

We were so glad to have Rabbi Gadi circumcise our new son, Luke! He communicated well, both before-hand and on the day of the procedure; he addressed all of our concerns and was very professional. We are not Jewish; he was respectful of our wishes, and indulged our questions about his faith, family, and practice. We enjoyed the hours spent with him and highly recommend Rabbi Gadi!

-Pastor Doug & Jessica C.

Rabbi Levy served as Mohel for the Bris of our son Mordechai last year on Rosh Hashana. His confidence, skill, good cheer, and wonderful personality,  made for a fantastic, and unforgettable experience. We will always be grateful to him for changing his plans last minute to accommodate us. We would use Rabbi Levy again in a heartbeat!

-Elisha Z