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Why Choose a Mohel?

Congratulations! You’ve decided to circumcise your newborn son. Now you need to think about the best way to do it. For most families, the choice comes down to either a hospital procedure, directly after birth or a traditional home-based circumcision by a Mohel (Jewish Circumcision Expert).

The decision is a deeply personal one, and I encourage you and your spouse to talk through your options. In all the time I have been practicing as a Mohel, I have found that those families who choose to find a Mohel to perform their son's circumcision do so for one or all of the following reasons.

Speed and Comfort


Unlike in a hospital setting, where the procedure can take 25 minutes or more, the circumcision by Mohel experience is over in less than 2 minutes! During the procedure, the baby is placed on a comfortable pillow and has his loving parents and other family members close at hand. He is neither strapped down nor moved to a cold, sterile and unfamiliar environment. He remains in the familiar comfort of home throughout.

More Meaningful and Personalized Experience

When your son is circumcised in hospital, you usually don't know in advance who will carry out the procedure. In the hospital, a baby is strapped down naked to a board in preparation for the procedure. He will receive multiple shots causing him unnecessary discomfort. The circumcision is then carried out by an anonymous intern or doctor and usually, the child must wear an uncomfortable ring around the penis for several days afterward.


The home-based circumcision by Mohel experience couldn't’ be more different!


You and I will have a detailed phone call and or meeting before the procedure takes place.  I will learn and understand your needs and aspirations so I can make the ceremony personally meaningful to you and your family. The procedure, which usually takes less than two minutes, will be held in the comfort of your home. The baby will be placed on a pillow during the procedure and immediately after swaddled and given to his mother to feed and cuddle. I strive to imbue the entire process with meaning and spirituality keeping the atmosphere calm, caring, and loving throughout. I will be available both before and after the circumcision for questions, support, and advice. I usually stay in touch afterward and consider the families as friends!


A Devoted Professional


When you chose circumcision by Mohel, you chose a true expert who has devoted several years of his life to undertaking a rigorous training program, which includes lots of hands-on experience.  A Mohel is someone who has actively chosen this path and is devoted to it. A Mohel is also a God-fearing person who believes in the powerful spiritual nature of circumcision and can imbue the ceremony with a depth of meaning not possible in a hospital setting.


Requirement for Vitamin K Injection

Many families find a Mohel because they wish to reduce added discomfort and the somewhat unnecessary, vitamin K injection. Whereas most medical professionals in a hospital setting, refuse to perform a circumcision without a vitamin K injection, I only circumcise babies after the eighth day which is when the baby’s coagulation mechanism is already fully-functional. I will thus gladly perform the procedure without administering vitamin K.

Comparison Chart 

Find a Mohel or read the comparison chart regarding the differences between using the services of a Mohel vs a Hospital Procedure here.

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