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Rabbi Levy – A Trusted Mohel in Seattle for Families of all Faiths

For members of the Jewish faith, it’s always a very special time whenever someone in their family gets their newborn son circumcised. Among many other things, it represents his connection and partnership with God being sealed, and the tradition has been going on for thousands of years. Because of the religious significance, most Jewish families choose to have their son circumcised in the comfort of their own home rather than in a hospital. If you need a Mohel in Seattle or in any other city in Washington state to perform the circumcision, Rabbi Levy would feel honored and privileged to be part of this significant time in your family’s life.


The Bris Ceremony

In the Jewish faith, the Bris Ceremony is meant to celebrate your son’s eternal connection with God, and circumcision is usually performed at one of these ceremonies because it is seen as symbolic of this connection. If you need a Mohel in Seattle to perform a newborn circumcision for your Bris Ceremony, Rabbi Levy would be honored to take part.


Newborn Circumcision in Washington for All Faiths

While newborn circumcision in Washington is typically something families who follow the Jewish faith choose to do, families of all faiths and even non-religious families can benefit from Rabbi Levy’s services as well. You see, the traditional circumcision procedure at the hospital is very uncomfortable for your son, and it’s also a very invasive process that can last up to half an hour. You also don’t know who is performing the circumcision, and there is very little pre-care and after-care. When you have the circumcision done by a Mohel in Seattle like Rabbi Levy from the familiarity of your own home, the procedure is much less invasive and more comfortable for your son. Unlike traditional hospital practice, Rabbi Levy does not use a vitamin K injection or have your son strapped down to a board to perform the circumcision, and his procedure doesn’t require a ring to be worn on the penis for several days after. There is also a lot more communication because Rabbi Levy makes himself available to answer all questions and concerns before and after the procedure.

Fill out a contact form today to learn more about Rabbi Levy’s services for newborn circumcision in Washington and why they may be right for your family.

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