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Special Prayers

May it be your will Hashem our father in heaven, that you bring down a string of kindness upon this young child,

May he be well and healthy to successfully undergo his circumcision.

May the procedure go well without any complications.

May no danger befall this young child

Send to this child and to his mother a speedy and complete recovery, like that of Hizkiyahu from his illness and Miriam the Prophetess from hers

And May this boy be healthy and well throughout his lifetime.  

May he be beloved above and appreciated below.


Bless his parents with the wisdom and the patience to guide and educate him in the path of goodness; and to build him with a strong healthy sense of self worth.

And may he walk in the path that they set for him.


Enable all of his family to participate in his celebrations, and may they merit to one day walk him down the aisle of his marriage.

May he always be involved in kindness and good deeds.


May the love that these parents feel for each other only continue to grow and expand and may their marriage be filled with

peace and tranquility,

happiness and song,

delight and gladness,

And may their commitment and love to each other only grow and grow.


Merit his parents to educate children and grandchildren, who are

wise and intellectual,

who love good and who fear Heaven,

people of truth, who cling to the word of God. Children who light up the world with good deeds and acts of Godly service.


Bless this beautiful home to be a place

of sanctity, and Harmony,

a Tabernacle of peace.

Here, may God rest His spirit.  Here may friendships develop.

Under this roof may kindness grow and may the happiness spread.

May this home only be filled with laughter serenity and blessings


May we merit to see peace in Israel and peace in the world

Please hear my supplication at this moment.

Blessed are you Hashem, the One who hears our supplications

Prayer for the Child and Family
on the Day of his Bris  

May it be your will, God in heaven, that out of Your loving kindness grant Your mercy and love towards by beloved wife (add her name) who is now going through labor and in intense pain.

God who is full of mercy may You take her out from her darkness to the great light. I hereby accept upon myself to send charity to the land of Israel and In this merit and in the merit of my wife’s kindness, may you redeem her into a place of blessing and light.

May our child be born into this world alive healthy and well. Just as you listened to the prayers of King David during his times of distress so too may You hear and listen to my prayer at this moment. I give thanks to you for all that you have done for us in the past. Blessed are you God the one who hears our supplication.   

Prayer for One’s Wife
During her Labor
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