Mohel Circumcision in Montana

for all faiths

If you’re a member of the Jewish faith, then you know how significant newborn male circumcision is. Circumcision is emblematic of the Jewish people’s connection to God and each other, and the practice has been tradition for thousands of years. Because of the religious and spiritual significance, most Jewish families do not choose to have their son circumcised at a hospital. Instead, they have their son circumcised by a Mohel, who makes the procedure a lot more meaningful for the family and comfortable for the baby. If you need Mohel circumcision in Montana, Rabbi Levy is an excellent choice, and he would be honored to help welcome your child into Jewish tradition.


The Bris Ceremony

A Bris Ceremony is a special celebration for Jewish families where their son’s eternal connection to God and the Jewish people is sealed when he is circumcised. Jewish families have been conducting these ceremonies for generations, and Rabbi Levy would be honored to be involved in your family’s ceremony.

Newborn Male Circumcision

While Mohel circumcision in Montana is mostly a service sought by those in the Jewish community, there are many benefits to having your son circumcised at home, even if you aren’t Jewish or religious at all. Rabbi Levy offers a process that is much gentler, less invasive, and faster than what is done at most hospitals. Newborn male circumcision done at a hospital is a very invasive and uncomfortable process, as your son can be strapped to a board in an operating theater for close to half an hour as people who you have never met or spoken with before performing the circumcision and then pull and stretch the remaining skin. An uncomfortable ring must be worn on the penis following the hospital procedure, and most administer a vitamin K shot. There’ll be no need for a ring or shot when you choose to have Rabbi Levy circumcise your son at your home, and the process doesn’t last longer than a minute. Rabbi Levy’s Mohel circumcision in Montana service is also minimally invasive and much more comfortable for your infant son, and Rabbi Levy will be there for you before and after the procedure to answer any questions you have. 

Having your son circumcised in a more friendly and comfortable environment is something everyone should consider, regardless of their religious or spiritual beliefs. If you think Rabbi Levy’s Mohel circumcision in Montana is right for you, or you have more questions, fill out a contact form today.