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We are forever grateful to Rabbi Levy.  We are located in what sometimes feels like a bit of an "island" here in Steamboat Springs, CO,  but Gadi was able to make the journey to us,  and perform our son's circumcision.  He was so kind, gentle,  and patient.  He explained everything to us in detail,  and truly put as at ease.   After the procedure,  which was less than 2 minutes,  he swaddled our son,  and we all took a walk outside,  and everyone (including baby) was at peace.  I would recommend him to anyone!

Karri Ann

Steamboat Springs Co

We found Rabbi Levy online and even though he isn't living in Denver anymore he visits often and was able to see us. He circumcised our son on day 12 of his life in our home with us. It was a very calm experience and I knew Rabbi Levy cared since the initial phone call when he got to know us a little bit. He explains the whole procedure very well and it only took 1 minute  once he got to work. Our son didn't even cry! Or bleed a single drop! We saw the pediatrician the next day for our 2 week check up and they said everything looked great. Thanks so much Rabbi Levy and I highly recommend you use him to circumcise your son for a very relaxed and knowledgeable atmosphere.

Nick C  

Denver Co

I knew from the first conversation that Rabbi Levy was a great fit for our family. Even before the circumcision, while my wife was still pregnant, he was checking in on us to ensure everything was going smoothly. On the day of the circumcision, there was a peace about Rabbi Levy that calmed everyone including our son. His knowledge and expertise was evident as he explained the process and during the procedure. His care of our son was amazing before, during and after. After, he held our son and calmed him down while we got our breath! He ensured that we knew everything we needed for aftercare. He followed up with us to make sure everything was still okay. You don't get that kind of specialized care from a hospital! By sharing this special time with him, we truly believe he is a part of our family now! We will definitely call him again if we have another son! 

Matt B

Denver Co

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